Pettengill Farmhouse Tours

Explore the interior of an 18th-19th century home
The home of the Lufkin, Roddick, and Pettengill families tells their stories through intriguing details.

Pettengill Farmhouse Tours

By Appointment
Admission $50 plus $25 per adult
Limit of to 2-6 people per tour

Enjoy a personal tour of this saltbox house and see the layers of history left behind by generations of occupation from the end of the 18th century to the 1970s, when the home was last occupied. The tour includes access to both floors of the home with conversational interpretation by our knowledgeable staff and volunteers. 

The tour starts at the head of the Pettengill Farm trail at 31 Pettengill Road and includes a 15-20 minute walk on a gravel road. Including the walk to and from the parking area the tour takes approximately 75 minutes. Guests are invited to explore the extensive walking trails on the property, many of which include historic sites. Insect repellent or netting is recommended during warm and humid times of year. 



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